Om oss

The world of storytelling has always been our passion, a passion that became a profession. With Wind Child Publishing we want to create very good books (eg. novels, books for children and adolescents, poems, short stories, plays), social and artistic projects. We want to inspire people with modern, intelligent projects and stories! Only this way we can generate constant values. For us, our company is a pool of creative and socio-culturally active people whose principle is to respectfully support creativity and personality. We have decided to produce only small editions of printed books, focusing on ebooks, audiobooks for downloading etc. and other digital products. We do want our books and  audiobooks accessible to you worldwide quickly and easily. At the same time we can realize our second important concern, the environmental protection. By concentrating on digital distribution. we reduces paper consumption (incl. the manufacturing process) as well as environmentally damaging transports.

Not only with the content of our books and audiobooks, but also with their production and distribution, we want do our share for a better and more valued  world.