The authors


Olaf Krätke is known as an actor to the general public; played in several film and TV productions. He was also successful as a director and author of plays, novels, poems an children books.


Tobias Kerll was born 1989 in Reutlingen, Germany and is living in Stuttgart. After finishing school he started his career as a director for film and theatre. 2009 he began to literature studies and philosophy at the university of Stuttgart as well as further workshops in film studies, directing and dramaturgy. In 2013 he founded the film company Journey Pictures with which he develops shorts and feature films, as well as image and music videos. Also, he is working as lecturer for severel universities and film academies. 
Growing up from childhood stories accompanied and influenced him heavily. 
Now, He himself wants to move and fascinate children and adults by creating stories. He says: "The world is getting poor by loosing fantasy and emotions, although they are essential for our life!" In the power of storytelling he sees a spark to enlighten the darkness of a mechanical world with people who dare to dream.


A wonderful author of children books, short stories and poems; who is living in Sweden. We are proud to publish his fantastic creative work.