Children and juveniles


a reindeer fairytale

Way up in the north lives the little reindeer Fredegar. Fredegar is different from the other reindeer kids because he is much smaller and thinner than them. That's why he is always laughed at and mocked by them. One day he cannot stand it anymore and runs away full of pain. But out in the wild, dangers lurk....


"A story that aims to show children that in life it's not just  about physical size and strength, but about being brave and grow beyond oneself"

Markus Eggert (

The Hedgehog File

Crumb lives in a small house on the outskirts of the city. The
Playing with her friends is fun and she is happy. But one day she realizes that not everyone in the world likes her well. Crumb gets scared and does not know what to do, but then she learns to say no.

"Sensitive and psychologically sound Olaf Krätke proves his skills as an author."