In an old mill, Miro and his friend Brugu coincidently find an old dusty slate tablet. Neither knows what the strange writing on the tablet means and so they agree that they need the help of someone who is knowledgeable about such old things.

So they make their way to the antiquarian Cirindor Cox, a somewhat uncanny old man who owns an antique shop in their small town. Cox quickly recognizes what he is holding in his hands and translates the text on the slate tablet to the fascinated boys. Because he had been searching for this lost link for a very long time, he doesn‘t disclose all of the text to them. As the school holidays had just begun, Brugu persuades his friend Miro that they should make their way together to the kingdoms described on the slate. Miro is quickly convinced by Brugu’s enthusiasm. But unknown to them, while they are preparing for their journey, Cirindor Cox has started off before them.


Well prepared, they finally crawl through the hidden tunnel on a journey; through the cursed grove, where they side with King Cerunnos against a rebellion, ride with the wind, travel to the city under the Sea, have to wander through the labyrinth of the Earth and finally meet their fate at The Black Mountain. A foolhardy adventure full of terrible dangers, deadly enemies, strange characters and new friends.

The wonderful illustrations for this book were created by Kerstin Mayer.



Miro is on the way to summer camp, but as fate will have it, misfortunate rarely comes alone and the car in which his Aunt Martha is driving him to the camp in has a breakdown in the forest. As their cell phone has no reception in the remote area where they are, they make their way to the next village in the hope of finding a car mechanic or at least a telephone that works.

On their way, they reach a house in the forest that is dark. The inhabitants seem to have already gone to bed. They overcome their inhibitions and knock on the door but there is no answer. They try again several times as they have the feeling that someone is in the house and is whispering, saying something about them. Aunt Martha is frustrated and decides that they should move on,, when suddenly the door opens. They turn around and cautiously step into the house, but to their surprise, no-one is to be seen. As before, Miro still has the strange feeling that someone is there. He still perceives someone whispering. They call out to the homeowners who they can neither see nor really hear. As Aunt Martha can’t find a telephone, she calls out to the homeowners if it would be alright if they spend the night in the house. As they get no reply, they decide this is a positive response. Miro finally finds the light switch and they can see a sofa with a blanket and a quilted cushion on it in the middle of the living room. He settles down onto the sofa and Aunt Martha retires into a large armchair and soon both fall asleep.

But once the light goes out, an adventure begins for Miro and his Aunt Martha in which reality and dreams are so intertwined that they are hard to distinguish. They soon understand that forces are involved which mean them no good. As they investigate things that happen around them, they meet Tintoretto the speaking sofa, Mathilde the standard lamp, Percy the wine jug Salvatore and Viola, the lady in the picture, as well as discovering the truth about the house and the ‘nameless one’ in the mirror, who apparently has forces beyond their imagination. After only a short while, Aunt Martha succumbs to the power of an unscrupulous and power-infatuated being. Miro knows that to save his Aunt Martha and his new friends, he must take on the battle with the unnamed being and uncover all its dark secrets. But to beat his opponent, who has many faces, he must first win the battle with himself and step into the mirror.

Also for the second adventure of MIRO created Kerstin Mayer the fascinating illustrations.



As for the first adventures of MIRO also for the third one created Kerstin Mayer the wonderful illustrations.


En rörande och spännande historia om vänskap och återupptäckelse av livet.

Meddelande för 2019


Meddelande för 2019