WHITE PILLOW is the first chapter of the mystery-series WAITING FOR THE SUN, that tells a bigger story about guilt and salvation, and deals with our understanding of reality and supernaturalism. In WHITE PILLOW, the audience is getting prepared for the other mysterious stories , since it establishes the world, with all its riddles and wonders, in which those stories take place. Also it introduces all the characters of the show: people that seem to fail in their life, since they cannot accept things and happenings, that they do not understand. They give in heir fear and lose control instead of trying to understand rather by heart and just with the intellect.

The series wants to tell its readers, that there are things in life, that we cannot understand - and that we maybe eve don't have to understand.

The mysteries of life equals its worth and reality is nothing more than an individual feeling. The same is true for guilt and salvation. Nobody can redeem the one, who does not redeem himself. In the end, the series even does the consequential step and tells about all those individual perceptions in a complex of different parallel worlds, that overlap in some places - for example in the hospital of WHITE PILLOW.

This novel has already been filmed and will be released next year. You can already see the trailer of the film here.

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