The Hedgehog file

The Hedgehog File' - an international project for the prevention of violence and sexual misuse for kindergarden and elementary schools use In 1998, on the initiative of Kaufbeuren's Rotary Club in Germany, the actor, author and director Olaf Krätke created 'The Hedgehog File' together with Thomas Garmatsch (a theater pedagogue). 'The Hedgehog File' is a project intended for nursery and primary schools which mainly consists of a theater play (that Olaf Krätke and Thomas Garmatsch wrote together) that is performed in the classes or asembly halls of the establishments as well as an interactive dialogue between the actors and the children.

THE HEDGEHOG FILE is an international violence prevention project for kindergarden and elementary school, created 1998 by our author Olaf Krätke. 


Wind Child Publishing AB will be responsible for this project from August 1st. 2017 for him, internationally. The project is part of our charity program WIND CHILD CARE. We will manage the project in the same way Olaf Krätke did it in the past.